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The Flavours


The cakes are made to perfection. They are moist and delicious.

Helen M.

This is a selection of flavours on our menu with some classics and premium flavours. Please note premium flavours carry an additional cost from £10-£30
.All of our recipes are tried and tested and made using only the finest freshest ingredients available. 

Classic Selection

Premium Selection

     Vanilla Sponge

A fluffy vanilla sponge cake with a jam conserve

      Zesty Lemon 

Delicious lemon sponge with lemon curd and vanilla or lemon buttercream

     Chocolate fudge

Rich moist chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

     Salted Caramel

Golden caramel sponge layered with salted caramel  buttercream

   Cookies and cream

Choice of vanilla or Chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream 

 Red Velvet

Smooth and Tangy Vanilla cake with a hint of chocolate layered with vanilla buttercream

 Chocolate Orange

Delicious chocolate sponge with zesty orange and chocolate orange buttercream

        Lavish Champagne & Strawberry

Layers of velvet vanilla champagne cake infused with champagne syrup and strawberry compote covered in champagne buttercream

      White Chocolate & Raspberry

Smooth vanilla cake with fresh raspberries layered with raspberry conserve and white Belgian chocolate buttercream

    Salted Caramel Cookie Dough

Choice of fluffy vanilla or rich chocolate mud cake layered with fresh (treated) salted caramel chocolate chip cookie dough and salted caramel sauce

Coco Island 

Smooth coconut cake infused with pineapple and rum syrup, topped with coconut ice (shredded coconut, sugar and condensed milk) pineapple curd and vanilla buttercream

     Triple Chocolate

Decadent chocolate mud cake filled with milk and white chocolate ganache wrapped in real Belgian dark chocolate ganache 

     Coconut and passionfruit

Coconut cake layered with coconut ice and passionfruit filling wrapped in a cream cheese style vanilla buttercream

   Spiced Carrot Cake

A moist carrot sponge full of flavour with mixed nuts and spices layered with zesty orange buttercream or vanilla buttercream 


Please note, Sarah's Sweet Bakes do not operate from an allergy free kitchen. Our cakes may contain milk, eggs, dairy. We cannot offer guarantee that our cakes are free of ingredients that may affect allergy sufferers. 

We offer limited gluten and dairy free vanilla cakes. We do not make sugar free cakes.

Cake Menu

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