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 About Me

Baking and decorating cakes is a passion I discovered in 2019 from the comfort of my home kitchen and have never looked back since.

Being an avid cook, I decided to explore the world of cake making, having initially planned to pursue a HR career. This venture quickly became a passion as the desire to produce a product of great look and taste went straight into my cake making, generating great interest and a lot of positive feedback.

Little wonder then that wedding and party guests frequently search for me on social media to thank and commend me for their friend or family's cake. It's encouraging and a testament to the consistent quality of my cakes.


I don't take anything for granted however and by nature, I'm always striving to improve and cake making is no exception to that. 

I'm regularly in the kitchen testing out recipes or prepping for an order, looking to expand my creative cake design skillset, all this whilst looking after my little ones.

Starting Sarah's Sweet Bakess has afforded me the ability to put my day job on hold so I can remain fully committed to my business. Please rest assured that you will receive the absolute best service when you book a cake with me. I will work with you every step of the way from enquiry to free design consultation and finally securing your date. 

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