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Welcome to My blog! Lets talk Cake flavours!

Updated: May 8, 2022

First of all, Introduction.

Hi, welcome to my blog. Before we talk cake flavours, let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I started my cake business a little later in 2019. Although my earliest memory of baking was with a relative who also used to sell cakes and treats, I was quite young then but I always got excited to bake alongside my family.

Fast forward, many years later, here I am as a wife and a mommy of three who enjoys baking cakes people love. I love my job. Caking is my happy place. I am fully registered with the local council and have a 5 star hygiene rating. I am also fully insured to run my cake business from home.

Now back to cake flavours? After all, that is the fundamental part of ordering a cake! My top five flavours (referencing popular flavours I get asked to make most!) and now drum roll pleassseeeee! Yup you guessed it! The most popular order is for:

1. Victoria Sponge

This goes without saying. Victoria sponge is the top choice for most people. Its plain, non fussy, simple and delicious. Even the fussiest eater would happily indulge in a bit of vanilla sponge cake. Can I let you in on a little secret? (I'm not a fan of it :D)

I just find it too simple. I like a bit of excitement in textures, crumb and flavour when it comes to cakes so no thanks! not for me but 80% of my customers love it.

2. Red Velvet

This flavour is also widely popular and I get asked to make this flavour a lot of the time. I mean its delicious! That subtle cocoa taste, not quite vanilla not quite chocolate. The velvety texture, rich and moist cake is so delicious. It pairs perfectly well with white chocolate buttercream, cream cheese frosting or good old vanilla buttercream. For health and safety reasons, I do not offer cream cheese filling for iced cakes. Although you are more than welcome to request it if your cake is finished off in Buttercream or ganache.

3. Decadent Chocolate

My absolute favourite flavour is my rich, velvety texture, moist chocolate cake. It literally is the most perfect chocolate cake and my chocolate lovers all agree with me. I fill mine with white and milk chocolate ganache, or chocolate buttercream. Other fillings that goes perfectly well with my chocolate cake includes Nutella, salted caramel, peanut butter and orange. Remember I said I like texture in my cake? I have added cookie dough chunks to this recipe and its absolutely divine. You need to try it for yourself too :D

4. Cookies and Cream

This flavour is actually on par with red velvet. It is also so popular. I listed it as number 4 because I cannot remember the last time I made this flavour now. Its basically chunks of Oreo pieces in a fluffy vanilla sponge filled with Oreo buttercream. Delicious! One of my repeat customers almost always order this flavour every time.

5. Luscious Lemon

This flavour is popular out there, but here at Sarah's Sweet Bakes I can probably count on one finger how many times I have made a lemon cake! Mine has a tender crumb and just the perfect amount of lemon flavour from the zest and juice of Lemons. I almost always use vanilla buttercream rather than lemon buttercream as I think it could easily overpower and not be too pleasant to eat! but that's just me! You may prefer the lemon buttercream. Just let me know if you order a lemon cake :)

There you go folks! My top 5 flavours. Please feel free to share what your favourite flavour is? On my website, I do have a lot more flavours than the ones I have written here including my premium flavours. They are premium because of the extra ingredients and a bit more time consuming prepping all the various fillings etc.

Go have a look for yourself and decide which flavour you shall be ordering if you do decide to buy a cake from me. Until next time, See ya :)

Take care,

lots of love

Sarah x

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